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Karabuk University, whose faculties and vocational schools had previously been affiliated to Zonguldak Karaelmas Unviversity, now Bulent Ecevit University, Zonguldak-Turkey, was founded on May 29, 2007 in accordance with Law Number 5662 published in the Official Gazette dated 29.05.2007 with the number 26536. As being one of the youngest and the most dynamic universities of our country, which is heading for global education and international progress, Karabuk University is located in Karabuk on the Western Black Sea Region of Turkey and near Safranbolu, a district and 8 KMs away from Karabuk, which is famous for its ancient historical wooden Ottoman Houses, many of which are under legal protection and used as lodging-houses, and it is thus in "the List of World Heritage Cities" by the UNESCO.

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Supported mainly by state funds, the University offers both undergraduate and graduate programmes with 12 faculties, 4 institutes, 3 higher school, and 7 vocational higher schools, where approximately more than 22.000 students take education at both undergraduate and graduate levels during the 2012-2013 academic year with around 658 academic staff, 339 administrative and technical staff. Through highly qualify studies in these educational programmes, the University moves forward not only to achieve its target of being one of the world's best universities in the near future but also to serve our country and humanity at large. By means of the advantage of the opportunities of international cooperation and solidarity, which is of vital importance in the international education, Karabuk University continues to have its voice heard serving the nation in the fields of science and technology, while taking its proper place in the world with its contribution to education and research with all of its academic units and academic staff in the local, national, and international arena.

At Karabuk University, one academic year is divided into two semesters, Fall and Spring. The undergraduate degrees are conducted for 8 semesters, while associate degrees consist of 4 semesters at vocational schools. The graduate institutes, Natural and Applied Sciences and Social Sciences, offer graduate courses and degrees that lead to master's or doctorate degrees. All the degree programmes, undergraduate and graduate, are intended to be compatible with requirements stipulated by the Bologna Process. Hence the University has afforded much to organize its programmes and education in line with the Bologna Process and the Framework of European Qualifications, and as a result of this strenuous effort, now it holds a valid (2008-2013) Erasmus Extended Charter and is currently involved in the process of ECTS accreditation. In addition, Karabuk University has been awarded Diploma Supplement Label (DS) 2011-2014 by European Commission.

Economy, basic achievements within 5 years 

From the outset, one of the priorities of Karabuk University has been to internationalize its mission and vision to compete successfully with the academic and scientific world on the global level. With this perspective, first, it immediately put into effect one-year compulsory English preparatory programme almost for all the programmes to communicate academically and scientifically with the wider world. Secondly, the University has also established International Relations Office to manage and develop international institutional connections, staff and student exchanges and research programs. Since its establishment, KBU has been seriously involved in international cooperation, and it has thus realised a rapid increase in international activities involving staff and student exchanges with EU universities. It has agreements more than 100 universities from 23 different countries. For the list of the universities and agreements, please see the web page:
It is crucial that Karabuk University involve in cooperative activities with universities having EUC to improve and innovate the quality of its education. Major objective of the university is to become an integrated institution with the international curriculum in accordance with the principles of ECTS. In this respect, Karabuk University has been awarded an Extended Erasmus Charter since 2008 and its Erasmus ID is: TR KARABUK01. As a result of its strenuous effort to be internationalized, moreover, Karabuk University has been awarded Diploma Supplement (DS) 2011-2014 by European Commission.
KBU has applied for ECTS Label as well a sign of excellence in Higher Education .
Karabuk university provides Distance Learning both at first and second cycles with various programmes available only at KBU in Turkey.
Railways Systems Engineering,Medical Engineering and Transportation Engineering departments are available only at KBU in Turkey.
Karabuk University has strong relations with the private sector in the city that's why Faculty of Business Administration, Science,and Engineering,and University Libraray were built and funded by the donations of these firms without using public funds.
Up to now, the University has undertaken projects both at the graduate and undergraduate levels and staff mobility studies in Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus Programmes.
The number of the faculties has been tripled ,the number of the students has been quintupled and the number of the academic staff has been quadrupled and the funds taken from the EU projects has been septupled within 5 years.

Investment projects

The medium of instruction at Karabuk University is Turkish, yet the medium of instruction in many of the engineering programmes is totaly English.
All newly admitted students have to attend one-year compulsory English preparatory programme to learn English if they are unable to provide a documents which certifies their adequate and satisfactory level of English language knowledge.That's why the number of outgoing exchange and incoming students is increasing rapidly.
The vision of International Relations Office of KBU is to:
make the academic programs of KBU as internationally accredited.
increase the international participation to the courses and programs offered by LLP of EU.
increase cross-cultural awareness.
develop a new joint international master's and PhD program at KBU.
encourage researchers to engage and participate in research projects and networks as well as joint applications. This can be initiated at the institutional level or by the researchers themselves.
attract highly qualified students, teachers and researchers for recruitment from academic institutions of high standard worldwide.
strengthen the mobility and exchange of students, teachers and researchers between KBU and other international institutions of high standard in Higher Education .
foster competent candidates and researchers who are attractive employees, entrepreneurs and innovators in a global setting.

Realization of social programmes

The construction of the University Stadium with 25.000 seating capacity and recreational areas, teaching facilities and conference halls will have been completed by the 2013-2014 academic year. This stadium will be hosting to both national and international university sports organizations.

Karabuk University has been realizing a unique sustainable  social programme voluntarily for 4 years ,there is  a training  center for the gifted and talented  students living in the nearby towns ,after having been nominated by the local teachers,the names of the students at the age of  9 to 13 are sent to this center for the application.Then they have to sit for  the entry exam ,after that  successful students have the right to enroll to this programme according to their talents all kind of education and training  is provided individually  by the university staff for free.

Forthcoming plans of development
The groundbreaking ceremony of the Civil Aviation School will be at the beginning of 2014.
As for the accommodation , there will be groundbreaking ceremony fot three blocks with 25 floors within the campus area in September 2013.
Because of having Railway Systems Engineering in the engineering faculty (only at KBU), the light rail vehicle assembly from the city center to the University and within the university itself will be tracked in October.


Last Updated: 02 June 2014